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안녕하세요. Booking.com에서 Sunset Sanato를 검색해서 마음에 드는 객실을 선택하시면 될겁니다. 크리스마스에 다양한 포로모션을 제공합니다

휴양지에서 푸꾸옥까지 5분 정도 걸립니다

Contact - Sunset Sanato


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Several common questions

In order to make a reservation at Sunset Sanato, please go to search Sunset Sanato and choose the type of room you want, we are currently offering attractive Honeymoon & Family Package.

Welcome to Sunset Sanato! From resort to Phu Quoc airport will take about 5 minutes.

To ensure the holiday experiences and safety of travelers, especially children as well as the overall beauty and public hygiene at Sunset Sanato, your pet is not allowed here.