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Beach Sport

Taking full advantage of a prime location with long and wide beach, the modern Sunset Sanato Resort & Villas always have variety of beach sports activities. If you are fond of hazardous activities, watercraft is an unforgettable experience. Challenging speed with waves will bring fresh and cheery feeling for participants. After a long time exploring "Pearl Island", visitors will let spirit free and refresh on jetski surfing quickly on the sea. In addition, if you want to enjoy peaceful moment, watch endless natural beauty, paddling kayaking is suitable for you.
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Team Building

Sunset Sanato Resort & Villas is an ideal destination for refresh your energy, connect your friendships and fellowship. Outdoor space is suitable for teambuilding events with blue sea, soft sand. Besides, enthusiastic staffs will help visitors have an unforgettable time, support company's spirit and build motivation to capture new opportunities.
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Private Tour

Sunset Sanato Resort & Villas brings you a whole new and integal experiences . If you love to enjoy true ocean gifts, the Private Tour is exactly for you. Many service as paddle canoe, go fishing, cook and savour seafood, etc are also available here. Especially, during a sea voyage, an professional F&B staff will accompany you to bring quick and quality meals. Imagine in a hot afternoon, go fishing, catch shrimp, wait shrimp cooked on the kitchen on charcoal fire,...are many exciting experiences that everyone would like to try on the boat.
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Conferences & Event

In addition, the Sunset Sanato Resort & Villas owns a compact meeting space with small and medium capacity to suit your needs. With impressive design, professional services, Sunset Sanato Resort & Villas convention center is expected to be the start of new opportunities. Besides, whether outdoor cocktail parties, small meetings or intimate evenings, are well-prepared resort staff.
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Sunset Sanato Resort & Villas provides unique and contemporary event space. If you love simple, cozy and new style, outdoor wedding space is the right choice. The "turning-point" will become more complete in nature - where the waves are murmuring and the sunset is witnessing. Sunset and Sunrise Restaurant are ideal venue with hundreds of people capacity. Sunset Sanato Resort & Villas also owns conference room with luxury equipment and furniture, ensuring privacy for important meetings.
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Wishing to be with you in the most momentous moments of your life, Sunset Sanato Resort & Villas offers wedding services, engagement ceremonies, private celebrations, private space modern, exciting menus and exciting beachfront experiences where you and your loved ones share happiness. In the love journey of each person, honeymoon - honeymoon seems to be the most private and sweetest time. It would be great if the couple put their hands together on the smooth white sand and the waves whispering instead of the heart to say. In the tranquil setting of the sunset at Sunset Sanato Resort & Villas, it is sure to be so romantic that the couple will love each other more intensely.
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Cuisine Event

Taking advantage of the "waterfront location" and the long, wide beach and open spaces of Sunset restaurant, Sunset Sanato Resort & Villas brings the event featured Wine, BBQ, Saturday & Sunday Brunch, Friday Night and Afternoon Tea. . Each event has a unique feature of the time frame, location and delicious menu.
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Cuisine Oasis

With the sophistication of Vietnamese culinary culture, the team of culinary experts at Sunset Sanato Resort & Villas will bring you a traditional and intimate gastronomic tour." Like the residents of Pearl Island, visitors come to Sunset Sanato Resort & Villas can explore the exciting "oasis" of cuisine - Seafood Oasis, Full Belly Oasis and Fastfood Oasic. BBQ grills, fresh ingredients will be served daily at Seafood Oasis. The harmony of spices balance will make you want to stay longer, to enjoy more delicious dishes at Sunset Sanato. What better than watching the sunset, listening to the waves patted on the ear and look forward to enjoying the scallops, fresh shrimp shining on the charcoal stove. Full Belly Oasis & Fastfood Oasis offer familiar Asian dishes, especially the familiar gifts of the Vietnamese.
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Sunset Restaurant

Located close to the beach, Sunset Restaurant impresses with the winding roof design as a ripple. With two indoor and outdoor spaces, Sunset Restaurant serves from 500 to 1000 guests with various party styles such as Full moon party; Wine BBQ party; Seafood Market; International BBQ; Asia cuisine, … With the subtle architecture with two colors of white – pink, Sunset Restaurant will be suitable for parties with family, birthday party or wedding,… The food at Sunset Restaurant is full of flavors of Vietnamese cuisine such as seafood and traditional dishes. The lunch menu and the maximum, with carefully selected materials and fine art decor from the team of professional chefs. The outdoor space of the restaurant is one of the best locations to enjoy the sunset scenery. Enjoy the culinary elite at the Sunset restaurant to feel the nature of the music and evoke simple happiness with family, friends...
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Sunrise Restaurant

You will start a full day of energy with many choices from Sunrise Restaurant in Sunset Sanato for breakfast, lunch & dinner. With a fine dining standard, Sunrise Restaurant gives guests a sense of party – the harmonious combination of light, sound, color and decor; service experience; The menu is exquisite and varied with champagne, white wine, red wine … and a team of celebrity chefs. All the spatial and culinary factors will awaken your taste buds at the restaurant. This is definitely an unforgettable experience at Sunset Sanato Resort & Villas.
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With two models of Sky Bar and Beach Bar, Sunset Sanato brings visitors variety of entertainment spaces to suit your needs. Famous DJs and modern performances of contemporary music will awaken the positive energy. Wine glasses, cool cocktails, fresh fruit and private party space will help you have a good time with friends. Unlike the Sky Bar, the Beach Bar features outdoor space. You can soak in cool water, sip cocktails prepared by professional batender. The party of sound and light will hold the genuine raver.
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