14 Food is not to be missed in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc Island Tourist District, Kien Giang province has natural conditions, ideal marine environment and is very convenient for the development of aquatic species, so this place not only cause visitors to delusion because In addition, there are many kinds of delicious seafood that every one set foot in Phu Quoc who should also taste once.

Crab Ham Ninh Phu Quoc

In the west, there is no better place than Ca Mau, but if it comes to crabs, there is no better place than Ham Ninh – Phu Quoc. Ham Ninh is a fishing village on the coast of Phu Quoc in the East Island about 20km from the center of Phu Quoc.

Crab is a specialty of this region, almost always there. Ham Ninh has many ways of processing but the best is still boiled with salt and pepper to keep the original flavor of the crab.

Hai Sam Phu Quoc

Hai Sam Phu Quoc residents often referred to as “Strangling” or “Strangling”, which is popular cuisine Phu Quoc as it contains many nutrients, a high-grade food. Particularly high quality ginseng sea food is a lot of people want to try once when traveling to Phu Quoc.

Tuyet Canh Phu Quoc

A “strange” dish can not fail to mention is the soup crab. Let’s find out more about this delicious new nutritional food is Phu Quoc Crab Soup. With new visitors coming to Phu Quoc, the name “Crab soup” is very strange, but for fishermen it is a place to eat.

Scallop Phu Quoc

Many fishermen in Phu Quoc Island said snails are considered rare specialties are being exploited and cultured fishermen to serve tourists and export. Pineapple in Phu Quoc beach easy to grow, fast growing less costly food.

Snacks are now available in the food categories of some specialty restaurants and are always preferred by customers.

Phu Quoc seas

Phu Quoc people believe that rattan is a “dish of men” because it is very nutritious. Someone more specific when compared to eat a ruminant can be enough energy for once … “love” extreme.

Phu Quoc Cultivation

In the mainland there are delicious mushrooms such as straw mushroom, kimchi mushroom, abalone mushroom, Chinese mushroom … also in Phu Quoc Island we also have mushrooms inferior to something that is mushroom melaleuca.

Salad – Fish salad in Phu Quoc

Salad and herring salad in Phu Quoc are two fish dishes and delicious specialties in Phu Quoc.

Grouper grilled all over Phu Quoc

Grouper is a kind of meat fish and very fragrant. This is also a specialty of Phu Quoc. Catch some fish and then fry it on the kitchen charcoal, picking up long pieces of fish, tonic, scent of the sea and smell of smoke … And this is also the main meal in the meal.

Cua Phu Quoc Crab

Crab dough is a special dish on the island of Phu Quoc, if you have the opportunity to travel to Phu Quoc please enjoy the crab sauce once to not miss this famous dish.