3 reasons why Phu Quoc is the ‘never-ending’

Phu Quoc is always attracted by the island, luxury resort, rich cuisine.

Here are the reasons why Phu Quoc is always a popular tourist destination, although more and more new tourist attractions.

Points to ‘brand new’

In the rainy season, Phu Quoc remains a tourist attraction by the “beautiful island” fascinated. Although it has only been discovered in recent years, but names such as Hon Tay, Mau Mayu, Mau Mayu, Hon Mot, Hon Gieng, Hon Ham, Hon Chuong … hot keys on the forums.

Nail Island is known as the “Little Maldives” of Vietnam with clear blue sea. Photo: dinhhangtravel

Nail island, May Rut island is like the “sub-Maldives” with the jade blue sea, in bottom to bottom, Giong Ghia back is dubbed Bali miniature with the strange rock formations near beaches and coral reefs – a paradise for those who dive into the sea.

Normally, tourists will buy package tour or rent boat to island, lunch, bath, diving and then return to big island during the day.

Resort of the stars

You will not have to wonder where you are because there are so many choices from affordable to high. Located in the south of Phu Quoc island, 16 km from the airport, the resort is located on Khem beach. Bring on the mystery of a fictitious university called Lamarck, hundreds of years old, visitors here will be transformed into “new students”, explore every corner in this “school” interesting. .

With the feeling of “half real and half”, you will not be shy to visit each room, each restaurant, bar and think of a class, an academic school. This is a paradise for believers to “live virtual” because anywhere can become your own studio with colorful blocks and many lively walls.

In addition, guests can also use other five-star facilities such as swimming pool, spa, gym room … The room rate is considered for the “rich children” but there are many promotional packages.

Bao Thy also love each corner in the resort.

Old but never hot dishes

Phu Quoc cuisine also helps to keep visitors warm. The island has an ideal marine environment and is very convenient for developing aquaculture species.

If possible, take a boat to May Rut to enjoy the fresh steamed fish caught in the sea. If not, take a walk around the market or the famous restaurant is enough “pat” for the soul eat.

The food in Phu Quoc is not new but never hot for tourists.

Some suggestions for you: Ra Khoi (131 sugar 30/4, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc) with seafood dishes: grilled shrimp, herring salad; Dinh Cau market with snacks like grilled banana, grilled nem; rice cake in front of Duong Dong Port (30/4 road, Duong Dong town) …