Phu Quoc tourism, what to eat

Phu Quoc is a beautiful archipelago located in the Gulf of Thailand, Kien Giang province. In the southern sea of ​​the country, Ngoc Phu Quoc – the largest island of Vietnam, is also the largest island in a population of 22 islands here. Clear sea, peaceful streams and many unique seafood are the great advantages of Phu Quoc tourism.

Phu Quoc travel calendar

  • The most tourist season is from April to September.
  • However, the dry season (October to March next year) is the most beautiful time Phu Quoc. In general, you can rest assured Phu Quoc travel at any time of the year because the annual average temperature is only about 28 degrees Celsius.
  • Most important is tracking weather forecasts to avoid rainy days.


There are three main roads:

  • Tran Hung Dao Street: The road has the most hotels and resorts in Phu Quoc, most of which have beaches, starting from the fall to the end of Truong beach, to An Thoi. You can go from the beach of this resort to another comfortable resort, and the length of this free beach to over 10km. Tran Hung Dao Street is also the way to visit the gallery – Origin, Pearl, Phu Quoc prison, Hang Yen.
  • Road 30/4 – Phu Quoc dining route: There are many restaurants and eateries, you can try seafood at the roadside shop at a better price than the night market. This road goes to Sung Hung Co Tu Pagoda, Tranh Stream, Ham Ninh fishing village, Bai Vong wharf. Can go this road through An Thoi to visit Sao beach, Khem beach.
  • Hung Vuong street: This road creates a junction with 30/4 road. Go straight to the first intersection is Nguyen Trung Truc turn left to airport, turn right to go to Da Ban Stream, Tu Tuong Garden, Ganh Dau Garden, Nguyen Temple, Vung Bau …

Enjoy Phu Quoc


North of Phu Quoc Island is rich land with pristine forest and abundant fauna and flora and countless beautiful beaches hidden behind the forest. Coming to the North Island comes to the wild nature. Exploring North Island includes:

Phu Quoc Temple Phu Quoc pepper is famous for its spicy aromas than other pepper cultivation. On the way from Duong Dong to Ganh Dau street, you will see the beautiful pepper gardens. After visiting, you can also buy some dried pepper as a gift to relatives.

Location: The most cultivated area is the Statue, about 15km north of Duong Dong town.

Cape Ganh Dau: Cape land protrudes northwest sea island attract tourists by nature and wild nature most featured. From here you can see the sea of Cambodia. Oil palm arch has a 500m long beach. This is also the place to enjoy great seafood for visitors.

Location: in Ganh Dau commune, Phu Quoc district, about 15-20 km north of Duong Dong town.

See Dinh Cau sunset: Dinh Cau Point is a famous landscape in Phu Quoc. Especially, watching the sunset at Dinh Cau is that any tourists who travel to Phu Quoc should not be overlooked.

Location: Dinh Cau Palace is located in Duong Dong Town, about 5 minutes walk from Duong Dong Market.

Hon Thom: Hon Thom Island is located in the North of Phu Quoc. Here you can dive the coral, see the aquaculture of fishermen, pearl farms Hon Thom distance about 10 minutes, you can see the famous squid fishing village in Phu Quoc.

Location: From Phu Quoc pier, take 30 minutes to go to Hon Thom Island.

Suoi Tranh: Suoi Tranh is formed from many small streams, through the canyon forest, with water from June to September every year. There is a beautiful natural landscape with flowers, mountains, sea and streams, a place for camping, interesting picnic.

Location: Suoi Tranh is located on the Ham Ninh Range, northeast of Phu Quoc Island. From Duong Dong town, follow Duong Dong – Ham Ninh road about 10 km to Suoi Tranh.

Da Ban Rock: There are large and flat stones like the table so Phuoc people call Da Ban Stream. This is one of the attractions not to be missed when you visit Phu Quoc National Park.

Location: From Duong Dong town, go up the North Island and follow the path leading to the Da Ban Stream.

Ly Thuong Dua: With 7 waterfalls, Da Tien stream is majestic and beautiful to fascinate as it is a secret for visitors to explore and adventurous. From November to April next year is the ideal time to visit the rock stream, because in the rainy season the slabs become slippery.

Location: Northeast of Phu Quoc Island.

Long: Immerse yourself in the sea and sand of the beach voted by the BBC as one of the 10 most pristine beaches in the world. Long Beach Phu Quoc has a coastline of 1500m long, along the beach with sandy beaches that are high green, grow in straight lines.

Location: West of the island. Motorcycle ride from the center of Duong Dong is about 45 minutes to an hour, direction to the resorts Chen Sea, Chez Carole and Mai Phuong, North West Island.

Nguyen Trung Truc Temple: The temple was built by the people of Phu Quoc to commemorate the great hero of the country, with the people. Every year on August 28 lunar Phu Quoc people come here to make his death.

Location: Duong Dong is 25km away from Ganh Dau.

Source Museum: The 9th private museum in Vietnam is considered as the place to keep the story of Phu Quoc island, “soul of the” Phu Quoc. Roi Quoc Museum holds more than 3,000 antiquities, including 300 sets of treasure folders to Phu Quoc in Han, Vietnamese, English and French. In addition, there is a display area of ​​driftwood; marine snail industry; souvenir, pearl; the traditional stilt house in rural Phu Quoc; dog and eagle reserve.